Nobody Is As Happy As They Look
November 17, 2018
Alexandra Wade

Truth be told, we’ve all believed way too many lies throughout our lives. Our modern society has somehow managed to convince us that we don’t really have a choice, and that we’ve just got to accept it.

That’s not how life is supposed to work though. Not everything around us is perfect and beautiful, and it also shouldn’t be. We need to accept that, and stop believing that.

Just because people are posting pretty things on Instagram, it doesn’t mean that everything in their life is actually all that pretty. People post only their best, most filtered moments, of getting engaged, getting married, giving birth, and living it up on a tropical island. And here you are, scrolling through your news feed, single and feeling like they are so much better than you. Right?

But they really aren’t as happy as they make themselves out to be.  The online world is a whole lot different than the real thing, and we need to understand that. No one is going to post their low moments, because why share that with the world?

We post things on social media to show how great we are, not to show how much were suffering.   We need to stop believing the things, and get back in touch with reality.

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