Not Everyone Is Meant To Be In Your Life
August 20, 2018
Claire Miles

I could go on forever with examples of people that I’ve tried to hard to make a part of my life and to get closer with me. But there’s no need to go through it all. When I just think about it, it exhausts me. I can’t force someone to like me or to make the effort to become a part of my life.

No one should have to fight to have someone show an interest in them and ask how their day was. No one should have beg people to engage in conversation or to be there.  There is no need to fight for someone to love you, and that’s because not everyone is meant to be in your life.

I am still slowly, but surely learning this.

Some people are meant to just come and go, some are supposed to teach as a lesson about how and when to set boundaries, and what are needs and desires really are.

The people who truly care about you will make the effort without you asking for it. The people who are meant to apart of your life will be, and you must trust that and never forget that.

Just because someone doesn’t try, it’s their own problem, and has nothing to do with you.  The people who are intended to be in your life will enrich every day.

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