Not Looking For The Signs Anymore
September 30, 2020
Claire Miles

In the past, I would often find myself relying on and looking for signs from the universe. My everyday life would be directly affected by seemingly unimportant and insignificant details. I put a lot of trust and hope into the universe, believing that it has the power to control the layout of my day. For example, my pillow had to be on a specific side, or my morning cereal had to be in even numbers for my day to be successful. I could lose my focus, my cool, and hope in just a minute over a sign that I thought the universe sent my way. Let me clarify – I believe that there are signs the universe sends our way, but with the way I acted, I only set myself for confusion and failure.

Getty Images/ Moment/ Sandi Rutar

See, by actively searching for signs from the universe, I set myself up for being misled, confused, and overwhelmed. Before you know it, everything becomes a sign – everything manages to throw us off and confuse us.¬†Instead of waiting around to see what the universe throws on us, we have to be open to whatever the day may bring with it. We need to put ourselves out there, to be willing to experience and see what the day brings. We have to start our day with an open mind and receptive to what may happen. We must also remember that our days are dynamic and that everything can change in a heartbeat. We can start our day with a bad attitude, but decide that we are no going to let our day be like that. If we set our minds to believe that our day is going to be unwell in advance, we close our minds and let it affect us – making it come true. Stop thinking about it and engage in the present moment. Go to work, be with the guy, do what you normally do. Don’t go into your head or seek a sign. Just be, and be open.

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