Not Ready Means Not Ready
January 1, 2019
Claire Miles

Men, similar to women, don’t always mean what they say.  Words can be deceiving, just as looks can be. But in some cases, when a man says something, he means it.

For one, when he tells you that he is not ready for a relationships, he means exactly what he says.  Of course it can be tempting to ignore the message and to believe that will be the one that will change this, to convince him that with you, he will want a relationship.  We all want to be the one to prove them wrong.

But unfortunately, you are very, very wrong. Pursuing a man who has already warned you that he is not ready is a total waste of your precious time. Don’t take his unwillingness to enter something serious as a challenge. Don’t try to prove to him how great you are, because you will only disappoint yourself.  These foolish beliefs will only hurt and confuse you.

There are plenty of men out there who will want to be in relationship and maybe even with you.  And when he does, you will know that and not have a doubt in the world.  Don’t forget that, and don’t get yourself into anything less than what you deserve.

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