Noticing The Red Flags
August 17, 2022
Claire Miles

When you fall in love, it is very easy to only see the person as perfect. This is because you have love clouding your judgment. Every time the person makes a joke you laugh because you think that they are so funny even when they aren’t. You aren’t the only person who does this. We all do. It is called being in love after all. If you happen to be with someone for a year or longer you will automatically be able to see more of them than in the beginning. So of these things, you may see are considered to be red flags.

To know how to notice a red flag, you need to know what exactly red flags are. In simple terms, red flags are negative mannerisms that your partner displays. This can be displayed in a number of different ways. Now when you are in love, it isn’t always easy to spot those red flags, and sometimes we simply don’t want to see them. But you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want to know how to spot them. The best and easiest way to spot a red flag to by simply observing your partner. When someone starts displaying red flags they change.

Getty Images/DigitalVision/Jose Luis Pelaez Inc

You will notice that the way they treat you is different, the way they speak and even the things they do. Now, these changes won’t be good. Instead, they will be negative. For example, they might start using language you don’t like or going places you aren’t fond of. It really is the little things. Once you see that you are noticing red flags, you need to take action. You don’t have to break up with them but you need to take the first step to address it. This would be communication. Communicating will lead you to your next conclusion.

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