Old Fashioned Dating Habits
December 18, 2018
Jade Kerr

There are some old fashioned dating habits that seriously need to be made cool once again.  For one, how about coming to pick someone up at their doorstep?  There is literally nothing romantic about sending a text just saying ‘here’.

Dating has become so casual, that it’s not even considered dating anymore. People like to refer to it as simply meeting up.  Seriously, take the few seconds to get out of the car and knock on the door. It can make all the difference.

And how about dressing up for a date? Of course what this means varies from person to person, but what it should mean is just making an effort in how you look when going on a date.

Bringing tokens of affection such as roses on a first date is also something that is very rarely even seen in modern dating. It’s become uncool and is seen to be too forward. But if you’re already going out on a date, why not show your interest and make an effort?

And what ever happened to going out dancing not on a club dance floor? You know, like dancing just for fun? Slow dancing has been totally lost, as has any true romance in dancing.  What about turning off your phones when you’re together and just being together? It’s become normal to pick up your phone in the middle of dinner, and that’s not okay.

Sometimes, going back to old ways is not so bad. Our grandparents knew what they were doing. Trust them.

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