On Being A Twin
May 27, 2018
Alexandra Wade

We look adorable in pictures together and everyone LOVES it. They can’t get over us. It’s sooo great. Not.  People mix us up and it’s completely hilarious. Not.

Unfortunately, my life is not based around the attention my parents got when we were babies, and the Facebook likes I could get now in a social media crazed society. It’s simply not enough to make everything I have to go through be worth it.

You think it’s hard having a sibling? Well try being a twin. Being a twin has never been easy for me, and I can’t imagine that it is for anyone else. It’s having a sibling that is your direct competition. It means that everything either of us do, we will always be compared to each other.

One of us will always be better than the other at something. We will always be expected to live up to other, and will be always be judged for being anything less.  As much as we love each other, there will also be that power struggle of who is the better twin of the two. Every day is a competition.

We are also expected to be best friends and do everything together. Truth be told? We have different friends and different interests, and no, we don’t always get along or want to be together. And that’s ok.

Everyone always assumes were the same person, that we will always think the same and do the same things. But it really couldn’t be less true. We look alike, we share genes and DNA, but we are still two separate, individual, unique people.

There is nothing more I want than to be treated as just me. I purposely try to have my own style completely different from anyone else, in order to stand out and get noticed for what I look like, and not what we look like.  I am not we, I am me.

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