On Feeling Misunderstood
January 13, 2020
Alexandra Wade

One of the hardest things to go through is feeling misunderstood by other people. Unfourtenetly, at a certain point, we all experienced looking into someone’s eyes and realizing they have completely misunderstood our intentions; that they don’t see us for who we are.

Feeling this way can be an extremely frustrating thing. Only today, I found myself in a situation of the sort. While I was having a conversation with someone, he found a way to completely twist my words and intentions, leaving me feeling misunderstood and apologetic for no reason.

When facing a situation like this, we face two options. First, spending time and effort into changing and correcting other’s misconceptions of us. Or, second, carrying on with our lives no matter what others might think of you.

Up until recently, I chose the former. I could not carry on with my life, knowing someone might think badly of me. I would obsess over it days and nights before it would slip to the back of my mind. It was crucial to me that everyone would like me and view me as harmless. However, over the years, I have found myself letting go of my old habit and leaning more and more towards the other approach.

I have come to accept that not everyone is going to like me or understand me. I have come to accept that that is completely normal; just as I don’t like everyone, not everyone will or have to like me. We can’t spend our lives worrying and obsessing over whether people like us or not.

Be yourself. Those who won’t like you or understand you, it’s their loss.

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