On Feeling Unappreciated
August 22, 2019
Alexandra Wade

Like most people, you may also feel unappreciated at times, like everything you do is overlooked. When you feel this way, you need to remember that it’s not your fault. Like when you had worked so hard, but feel like no one noticed. Or when you have been doing your best and trying so hard, but feel like people still criticize you for not doing enough.

Again, you need to remember that this is not your fault. You need to stop seeking the approval and validation of others. You need to learn to trust yourself and know just how much you are worth. You need to understand that your happiness doesn’t stem from others but yourself. You need to understand that self-approval is way more satisfying and rewarding. You need to make sure that you practice and implement this habit in your life.

It’s important to note, that even if you don’t receive the recognition you deserve and desire, you should never let it bring you down. Don’t obsess over what others think of you. The only thing you really need to care about is your journey. You need to ask yourself if you’re enjoying it, to dig deep down into yourself and see how your work and accomplishments make you feel. You need to remember your dreams and desires and not give up on them, but rather work as hard, if not harder, to achieve them.

There are two routes in which you can go when you feel unappreciated. The first, you can ignore the factor that doesn’t see just how much your worth and don’t let it bother you. Second, you can do something about it. Whether it’s your job, relationship, or surrounding, you don’t have to stay in a place that is unhealthy for you.

In those moments, it’s easy to blame yourself. To believe that it’s you who have done something wrong. If you know your worth and know that you worked as hard as you can, why should you feel like a failure? It is in those moments that it’s crucial to remember your value and to celebrate all your achievements, instead of waiting for others to do so.

It’s frustrating feeling like your giving and giving, but getting nothing in return. Trust me, I know. But we have to learn to stop caring about what other people think. Don’t give up on yourself and your ambitions. Don’t let your hard work go down the drain.

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