Open Up To Others, And Let Them In
August 10, 2020
Alexandra Wade

I have opened up here in the past about the relationship I have with one of my closest friends. We knew each other since we were little kids – we grew up and have been through so much together. However, in recent years, we had our fair share of difficulties. Over the years, some factors made my friend and I grow distant from one another. As I clarified whenever I discussed this matter, it wasn’t because we hated each other, it was just that we grew apart naturally. As a result of our relationship being more distant, there were a lot of things that we missed in each other’s lives, important details that are a part of us. The other day, we texted like we sometimes do, and during our conversation, I revealed something to her that was very close to my heart and I shared with only a few people. See, while we weren’t close to them, she used to be my closest friend just a few years ago, so I trusted her and felt comfortable around her.

And it’s a good thing I did. Me opening up to her brought us closer, brought us back together. It bonded us. Telling her that piece of information took a burden off of me and showed her that I trust and value her. Suddenly, from meeting rarely and usually only during the weekend, we see each other during the week, clearing our schedule and making the effort to see each other. Her standing by my side and showing her support to me even when we weren’t the closest, showed me exactly what kind of friend she is. She is my ride-or-die, my best friend, the one that no matter where we stand at a certain point in time, we can always reconnect and go back to where we were before. Value your friends. The ones that you know will always be there for you, no matter what. Don’t be afraid to open up to them, you’ll see that it will only bring you closer.

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