Open Up To Others
February 18, 2020
Claire Miles

As I shared with you multiple times before, I started working at a new job recently. Unfourtenetly, I’ve been struggling to find my feet there lately. It’s very hard to start in a new place, I’m aware. However, we are almost six months into the year, and it feels as if nothing has changed. So, what is my best solution here?

However, before we jump into finding solutions, let’s take it a few steps back. Not too long ago, I kept my feelings to myself. Yes, I have shared it here, with you, but I haven’t told anyone from my close circle. I hid my feelings because I was embarrassed by them, and I shouldn’t have been.

I thought that my feelings would be canceled by my friends and family, that they would tell me I have every reason to be happy and satisfied. After all, it was a promotion from my previous place of work, and the pay is great. I thought they would view me as a quitter. That they would say I gave up and didn’t give it an actual chance, even though it’s been six months already.

So I kept it to myself. For months on end, I didn’t tell anyone of my struggles. Until, about a week ago, I opened up to my family and friends. I told them how I feel and exposed my struggles. Their reaction was nothing like I thought it would be. As I should have probably anticipated, they were supportive of my feelings.

Opening up to the people closest to me was a hard thing to do. But now, after the fact, I couldn’t be happier that I did it. Now, I can talk about my hardships openly with them, and I feel I am not alone in this. Their advices are great and very helpful, and I use them to navigate these struggles.

So, if you are going through something similar, please share it with those closest to you. Trust me, it’ll pay off.

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