Our 20s Are The Hardest
June 19, 2018
Claire Miles

Our twenties are seriously the most difficult time of our lives, and no else seems to understand it. It’s that in between stage, where were no longer children, but we’re also not yet quite adults (or don’t want to believe so at least). It’s this super awkward, uncomfortable and ambiguous time in our lives where we feel so much pressure from everything and everyone around us. Most importantly, we feel an incredibly high amount of pressure from ourselves.

So for starters, we’re no longer little children anymore. Reality starts to hit us, and it’s completely shocking. Our parents no longer want us to live with them, they think it’s time to get a job, make some money, and support ourselves. But when we were little, our dream was to be a professional basketball player or a rock star. And somehow, no of that actually worked out for us. We would do literally anything to return to our childhood and have those miniscule worries about what to have for afternoon snack.  Back then though, all we wanted to was group. Why why why?

Here we are stuck with having to choose our career path, realizing that all of our childhood dreams will never really come true. Maybe we were just too ambitious as children, and never realized the difficult reality out there. We start to feel stressed about what to do with our lives, but have absolutely no idea. We don’t feel old enough or wise enough to start our own company, nor do we have the money to invest it, and we don’t believe that anyone would take us seriously anyway.

We don’t want to work at the local diner, because it’s no fun, the pay will not suffice for our monthly rent, and twenty-year-old lifestyle of brunching, drinking and occasionally traveling. Our parents also think we can do better than waitressing. But where are we left?

Even if we do find a somewhat decent job, then we still have to be on top of our game. Mommy and daddy are no longer than to cook and clean for us. How are we supposed to find time for everything? We’re still young, and not ready to be all domesticated.

Then there’s all the pressure about finding love. If we’re single we’ve got everyone questioning us, and telling us what we’ve been doing wrong. And if we’re in a serious relationship, everyone is telling us we’re too young to get married and need to take these slow and see what else is out there. Seriously, there’s no winning in your twenties. We will never be right. Ever. And it sucks.

But, like I said before, most of the pressure comes from ourselves. So chill out, enjoy the journey and let life happen.

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