Outfits From The Office To A Dinner Party
September 25, 2022
Claire Miles

With life being so busy and fast-paced it can be hard sometimes be hard to be prepared for unexpected events. The same goes for dinner parties with friends. With everyone having a busy schedule, sometimes you have to attend events right after work. This doesn’t leave you with much time to go home and change. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about how you look when leaving the office and attending a dinner party. That’s right, there are great fashion tips that you can use to go from the office straight to a dinner party.

The first thing you need to look at is the dress code for your office. Many office jobs simply require you to look professional. This would be a mix between formal and casual. Planning out an outfit with this dress code in mind is actually really easy. With that out of the way, you will need to think about the dress code for the restaurant. Is it casual or formal or even a mix of both? With that out the way, you can start planning your outfit. Bottoms are the best place to start as it acts as the foundation of your look.

Getty Images/Moment/Oscar Wong

When looking at bottoms you can decide between jeans or a great pair of slacks. You see, both jeans and slacks are perfect for the office and a dinner party. Next, you need to think of a top. If you are going with jeans, try to be a bit more formal on top. If you are going with slacks, you can be a bit more casual on top. Next, you need to think of shoes. Depending on what top you decide to wear, you can go with heels or even sneakers. Lastly, you can finish your look with a great blazer which makes it look casual and formal.

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