Pain Into Power
December 9, 2018
Laura Lee

This 2019, turn your pain into power.  The pain has a purpose. Believe in the wisdom of waiting.  The sorrow you’ve been dealing with might not yet go away just yet, but a great life ahead is waiting for you. You’ve just got to be patient.

All great things come with some bumps in the road. There is no easy way to get to our desired destination. Having bad days is alright, because it will only make your good days feel even better. You will appreciate them even more. It’s alright to feel sadness, because throughout all of it, you will find the meaning of happiness and how to achieve it. The process of failure and success is all about trial and error.

It takes a long time to learn this though. It’s so much easier to just run away from all the pain, to ignore it, and pretend that everything is fine. But we need to be strong, and to fight for the life that we deserve. We need to survive through it, and find the positive in everything.

There is so much power in focusing on the bright side.  Believing in yourself can change everything. Positive thinking has so much more power than you know.  With every wound, there is wisdom. With every obstacle, there are opportunities. With every scar, there is strength.

We’ve all had our struggles, but we continue to work through them every day.  We have no choice. We can’t let it destroy us. Let go of what’s broken your heart.  Live a life that goes beyond your wildest dreams. Turn your pain into power.

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