Photos That Show Us A Series Of Unfortunate Events
September 1, 2022
Laura Lee

We all know that mistakes and accidents happen, we are human after all. Some mishaps are more avoidable than others, but from time to time, everyone has days when nothing seems to be going right. Maybe you woke up one morning with a throbbing migraine, or your kids damaged a $15,000 Lego structure. The world is unpredictable and things just happen. Check out these photos that show us the unlucky side of unfortunate events that took an unexpected turn.


The Exxon Valdez oil spill after 10.5 million gallons of oil  spilled into the Prince William Sound.

The Exxon Valdez oil spill occurred in 1989, and was a major man-made disaster. It was  the worst oil spill in the US during this time that essentially changed the oil industry forever. The oil spill spread 1,300 miles along the coast of Alaska and caused the death of of hundreds of thousands of sea animals. Sometimes accidents have very costly consequences.


“Your internet will be restored sometime between January to December 2020.”

Well, we can say for certain that this didn’t quite go as planned. If you were in London at this time and were wondering why there was no internet connection, this is why. During construction a drill bit pulled out a large number of cables from the ground causing no internet connection for days. Yikes!


These men accidently made the world’s biggest omelet.

If you’re having a bad case of the Monday’s, just look at these guys. Nothing like starting  your early morning shift with dozens of broken eggs. On a positive note, they probably would have won the title of world’s biggest omelet ever accidently made.


This guy spent three days building a $15,000 Lego statue. A child destroyed it within seconds.

Take your kids to the Lego exhibit they said, it’ll be fun they said. Accidents happen often with little kids, and unfortunately it cost this man his $15,000 Lego structure. Pretty sure the parents were mortified, but he seems like a pretty cool guy. In the end, the parents offered to compensate the artist, but declined their offer gracefully.