Protecting Your Skin From The Sun
September 6, 2022
Laura Lee

Getting some much-needed vitamin D is all good and well. After all, everyone loves a good tan. However, you should know by now that too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. By this, we mean that too much sun can be bad for you. There are so many medical cases that show how too much sun can affect you negatively. This includes horrible sunburn and skin cancer in extreme cases. But just because there is a downside to too much sun, it doesn’t mean that you are expected to stay indoors. Instead, you need to know how to protect your skin.

The first way you can protect your skin from the sun is by applying sunscreen. Yes, this may seem like the most obvious but many people don’t actually do it. Now you may think that you should only be applying sunscreen during summer or when the sun is out but you are wrong. You should apply sunscreen every day. That’s right, the sun shines every day of the year, even during winter. During winter the sun is covered by clouds but it is still there and can still damage your skin.

Getty Images/Moment/boonchai wedmakawand

With that said, try choosing a sunscreen with a broad spectrum. This way you will cover all your bases. Another good tip for protecting your skin from the sun would be to wear things that cover you up. Now you don’t have to be covered from head to toe but try to go with something light that will also cover you up. Lastly, you can protect your skin by limiting your time in the sun. Yes, this is a bit of a mission, especially during summer but try to stand under an umbrella or in the shade for cover. See, protecting your skin from the sun can be easy.

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