Pulled In Every Other Direction
June 15, 2021
Alexandra Wade

There was a time in my life in which I had no idea in which direction I was going. I was fresh out of high school, young and afraid. The world seemed so big and full of possibilities. While many of my friends had a clear direction and path for themselves, I had no clue about mine. As I was struggling to find a path for myself, others had no problem coming out with one of their own for me. They knew exactly what I should do next, where I should go, what should be my profession – everything.

via Pexels

And that exactly was the root of the problem. I was still in a sensitive time, trying to figure my life and myself out. While others around me, in what I guess was an attempt to help, only confused and distracted me. They only pulled me further away from figuring out anything. Eventually, thinking that there was something wrong with me for taking this time to think, I gave in to the pressure. I decided to follow someone else’s suggestion about my life, even though it didn’t come from me. As you can imagine, that didn’t go so well for me.

Being somewhere you don’t want to be in, doing something you don’t want to do – it unbearable, draining, it warns you out. I was pulled in every other direction but my own. I let others control my narrative, my future, my life. Thankfully, I discovered in time that the direction I was going in wasn’t a good fit for me, and my surrounding couldn’t have been more understanding. So, here is my advice for you. You must listen to yourself. When it comes to your life, no one knows better than you. It is completely normal and acceptable to take your time with it, as it is not an easy decision. You should be in control of your life and its direction, no one else.

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