Reasons To Start Working Out
November 24, 2018
Laura Lee

Some of us live and breathe exercise, completely addicted to sweat and to that adrenaline rush. Others, however, can’t seem to understand this obsession, and cringe at the mere thought of it.

It’s not for everyone. Of course we all know that it’s important, but it’s simply not enough to give us that push to get off the couch and hit up the gym. But what if you knew that it could help you live all of your enemies?

Exercise will improve your overall health, which in turn will help you a longer and more full life. What could be better than outliving the lazy lives of those that you absolutely despise?

And what if someone told you that while working out you could potentially meet your soul mate? Sweat is in fact a whole lot sexier than you think.  Perhaps a trainer will see your hard work and will come up to you. Perhaps a cute guy in that spinning class will notice you.  When sweat is in the air, so too is love.

Another reason to workout is the fact that gym clothes are super cute, as well as comfortable and they look good on everyone too. Hitting up the gym is the ultimate excuse to extend your workout wear collection. And your closest isn’t the only thing you can add too once you start to work out. How about that juicer you’ve been dreaming of?  After all, you’ve got to take on the entire persona of someone who works out, right? Right.

Exercising allows you to take gym mirror selfies with your new headphones just like you see all over Instagram, but this time, it’s you.   And although it may sound kind of pricey to get all these workout related items, it’s still cheaper than therapy.

Exercise has been proven to improve your mood, since when you workout, your brain releases endorphins, a.k.a, feel good hormones that secret feelings of happiness and relaxation.  Exercise can lower your stress level and increase your focus.  Workout a few times a week, and you’ll be the best and happiest version of yourself.

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