Red Flags Your Friendship Is Toxic
October 22, 2021
Claire Miles

We hear about toxic relationships and red flags in dating that it’s almost so easy to ignore friendship toxicity that could be weighing you down and draining you of your energy without you even realizing it. So is it time for a friendship break up? We have devised a list of some traits that you can look out for to decipher whether your friends really have your back or if they’re just there for a good time but not a long time.

You feel exhausted after the interaction

This could be a sign that the friendship you have is fake and it’s draining for you to pretend to be something you’re not. With friends, there’s often peer pressure to be a certain way but this will only take you further away from who you truly are and before you realize it, you will be insincere with yourself. Just be you and if your friends are real, their vibes will align with yours.


If your friends are constantly gossiping to you about every other friend be sure that they are also talking about you behind your back. You may think that they are confiding only in you and it may even make you feel good but usually, if it’s in their nature to talk bad about others then you are not an exception.

Getty Images/ Royalty-free/ The Good Brigade

They love talking about themselves

These friends use you as a personal diary and word vomit everything that is related to them without even realizing you’re there. They will ask you a few questions about yourself so you can return the question only to fuel their endless monologues. These types of people can have narcissistic traits leaving you empty after the interaction.

There is no need to compromise on your values and personality in order to have friends. Sometimes, you are better off in your own peace and tranquility than pouring your energy for nothing. Trust that the universe will bring you better.

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