Regular Exercise Can Boost Your Mental Health
December 19, 2022
Ariella Jacobs

Everybody knows what impact a little bit of exercise can have on your physical health, improving it for the better. The physical benefits of exercise are visible to the naked eye. However, other subtle benefits are often overlooked. Exercise can lead to healthier, more stable mental health. We discuss how this happens and why you should also prioritize your mental well-being when thinking of working out regularly.

People tend to frequently exercise as they chase the feeling of contentment with themselves. The immense sense of well-being keeps them coming back to the gym. Exercising regularly can boost your mood, help you recoup mentally, and give you time to think and come to terms with yourself and fight negative thoughts. The sense of accomplishment can do wonders for your mental health on days you feel extremely low and dejected. Exercise can rid you of stress as it provides an outlet to exhaust yourself. Reducing stress levels can lead to a more comfortable lifestyle, relieving the suffocating burden placed on your mental health. It can also revitalize your mind, preparing you for whatever comes ahead. If that was not enough, regular workouts could even help you sleep more peacefully.

Exercising can lead to the release of endorphins, essential feel-good chemicals your body makes when stressed. This can help reduce feelings of anxiousness. Focusing on the positives of working out and how it makes you feel in the moment can make you forget the worries that plague your mind. Deeply feeling every sensation and focusing on breathing can help you connect with your body more meaningfully. Physical exhaustion can increase serotonin levels, inculcating feelings of optimism and contentment. Exercising also improves concentration levels, helping cope with some mild symptoms of ADHD. Incorporating outdoor activities such as running and hiking with exercise can be the best mood booster if you are stuck in a mental rut.

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