Remain Sane When Everyone Around You Is Getting Married
July 15, 2018
Alexandra Wade

Yep, people around you are getting hitched. You can’t help but notice it, but that’s totally fine and normal.  Here’s how to remain sane through all of it.

For starters, learn to embrace it.  It’s a part of who you are. Stop worrying about what’s to come, and find the freedom in being present in your current situation. Live in the moment and know that although you are single, it does not define you and you are so much more.

Spend more quality time with your loved ones, plan solo trips and adventures, or pursue a hobby you’ve always wanted to. Don’t let being single take over you and stop you from doing what you love. Take it as a chance to push yourself, even more, to take on new and exciting challenges.

Taking a break or detox from social media can be extremely beneficial.  We can get so caught up in it and it can give us a very unhealthy motivation to find a partner just to follow the Instagram trend.  Stop with all the comparison, and turn off your devices.

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