Remarkable Photos That Show Just How Tiny We Really Are
July 27, 2022
Jade Kerr

It’s a big world out there, bigger than some of us can even imagine. With our busy schedules and deadlines, it can be hard sometimes to zoom out. But we can all relax because, in reality, we are all just tiny specks on a tiny rock floating through space. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most jaw-dropping photos guaranteed to make you feel small and realize just how tiny we truly are. Scroll down to find your favorite. Enjoy!


This photo of people walking up a sand dune in Namibia looks like a portrait

Ok, this photograph doesn’t look real, but rather looks like a very talented art piece. It’s scary to think about just how tall this sand dune is and how one can easily fall off the side by accident. It takes so real guts to be able to reach the top.


Inside the Giant underground flooding channel in Tokyo

It’s quite frightening to imagine this space filled with loads of churning waters. We’re curious how much water it’s able to hold. This looks like something out of a nightmare and is guaranteed to make anyone feel miniature. Imagine the echo in this place. If it were us, we would get as far away as possible from there.


The Grand Lisboa hotel in Macau, China looks like its towering over the city

The Lisboa Hotel is just looming in the background. It almost doesn’t look real but there is no photoshop going on in this photo. This view from the streets of Macau looks so menacing. This is a perfect example of what a dystopian reality would look like in our opinion. We’d feel extremely small looking up at that hotel from the streets below.


two men casually sitting on top of the world’s biggest clock in mecca

If this doesn’t bring out your fear of heights, we don’t know what will. This is the Abraj Al Bait clock tower in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. You couldn’t pay us to sit on this clock. This photo is next-level anxiety-inducing. How does someone even get up there? Either way, our palms are sweating and this clock is too big to even comprehend.