Responding to your Partner Setting Boundaries
February 4, 2023
Penelope Trent

Whenever your partner sets boundaries, it can be a difficult situation to navigate, especially if you don’t understand why they’ve chosen to do so. Setting boundaries helps partners communicate their needs and expectations openly to avoid misunderstandings and conflict. Many people perceive boundaries as barriers. They feel offended and embarrassed when someone sets a boundary with them. Often, they feel humiliated as a result of being told off. However, setting boundaries is not about hurting or controlling others but communicating what we find acceptable and what we can’t tolerate. Boundaries can be positive, protective guides that instead help clarify roles and expectations to foster self-confidence in both parties. This way, we are honest and cultivate a space for better emotional and physical intimacy.

Getty Images/ PhotoAlto Agency RF Collections/Frederic Cirou

The first step is always to acknowledge their feelings, validate them, express appreciation for setting the boundary, and respect the boundary even if you don’t see the same way or if it is too difficult to follow. It is oftentimes very challenging to voice your limits in a relationship because you don’t want your partner to be hurt or uncomfortable, so acknowledging your partner’s courage is essential. Next, taking the time to actively work together to find a mutually beneficial solution will help ensure that both of your needs are fulfilled in a relationship.

Additionally, while giving your honest opinion, you must learn how to express your concern in a non-judgmental way without shaming or blaming the other person for feeling the way they do. This will help avoid triggering defensiveness and escalating a conversation into yet another conflict. It is also important to remember that setting boundaries isn’t about controlling someone else or putting up walls; it’s about understanding and respecting each other’s needs. This does not mean they don’t love you; they value their sense of well-being and care about creating a safe and healthy relationship with you.

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