Romantic Gestures After Marriage
November 6, 2022
Jade Kerr

Oftentimes couples struggle to keep the romance alive many years after they have tied the knot. He or she might have made you feel special, treated you like you were their top-most priority, and made you feel like you were everything to them while you date, but as years have gone by you have started to feel like you are losing the spark and neither of you put in much of an effort anymore. You are still in love, but the feeling of being madly in love has disappeared and you could give anything to go back to that phase of your relationship.

The truth is there may be no going back to that magical honeymoon phase and as years go by, you both grow older and busier in your jobs you may not have the time to give as much attention to your significant other as you once could, but all the same, there are still some small gestures that you could practice to let your husband or wife know that you still love and treasure them as much as the first few days of falling in love.

You can always think of your own ways to show your love, but one of the most common efforts would be to make a special time for just the two of you. Plan a movie night or a dinner date where you go over the happenings of each other’s lives and make an effort to know and care about each other. You could also do something special like waking up just a little bit early to give your partner breakfast in bed or grab some flowers for them on your way back from work. Make sure you set aside some time every few days to let each other know that you are actually and actively a part of their lives in an intimate and personal way, and are not just a married couple that lives together but does their own thing.

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