Science Says Beauty Is A Feeling
August 28, 2018
Claire Miles

Somewhere between our bottles of concealer, makeup palettes and jean sizes, what we believe the meaning of beauty to be seems to have been taken over by materialistic and physical standards…

Well it’s time someone stood up and set the record straight for all of us. Beauty is most certainly not about the aesthetics.  In fact, according to recent research, beauty is actually a feeling, rather than a way to describe one’s physical appearance.

Beauty start from the inside, and then works it’s way out. What this mean for you? The more beauty you internalize and believe that you are, then the more beautiful you”ll feel in your own skin, in your clothes, and the more confidence you will portray in your smile.

It’s not about the shade of lipstick you wear, or designer dress that can make you feel beautiful just like that.  According to researchers, beauty is actually a whole lot more simpler than we believe it to be.

Beauty for everyone is something different. For me, it’s when my mind gets thinking and filled with unique and creative ideas. It’s when I go on a long run and I push my body as far as it can go, and then take a long, and hot shower.  Those are the moments when I look in the mirror, and truly feel beyond beautiful.

Researchers found that beauty is a feeling of pleasure. When the feeling of beauty intensifies, so does the feeling of pleasure.  Beauty is in the reaction to the moment. It’s something that can felt all day, every day. But it’s up to you and only you to make that connection.

Mediate, practice yoga, go on a run, dance like no one’s watching, blast some music, paint something, write in your diary,  read a book, look in the mirror and smile at yourself..

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