Secrets To Get That Job
October 25, 2021
Marc Gordon

So you finally get a call back from that job you’ve applied for. So you breathe a sigh of relief. But wait, you remember that now you actually have to impress them to land the job. So what are some of the secrets that would be helpful to know about the hiring process and what managers are really looking for? We did our research so you won’t have to and we found some tips that will give you that edge to stand out from the competition.

Hiring managers usually do some digging before and find out about you. This could be either from your network, LinkedIn or Facebook but be sure that when you walk through that door, most likely the person in front of you knows about you. Make sure to clean up your social media pages from anything that may appear too provocative so you won’t leave any room for doubt.

Getty Images/Royalty-free/ Audtakorn Sutarmjam

You could significantly reduce your chances to get the job if you dress inappropriately for an interview. Although this may feel like a judgemental approach because you think it doesn’t reflect your capabilities, just remember that this is the manager’s first impression so they are looking for anything and everything to characterize you.

Hiring managers are tired of hearing generic memorized answers. Although it’s difficult, avoid sounding like an interview robot, try to be as genuine as possible. So show don’t tell, instead of claiming you’re a team player, tell them about a time when you expressed team player skills. Always do your homework and find out what the company does and what makes them unique. Demonstrate that you are passionate about what the company has to offer and why you would be the most suitable candidate to meet their needs.

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