Self Care Tips
October 16, 2021
Laura Lee

When thinking about self-care most people think about taking an occasional bath or applying a face mask but self-care calls for more consistency in routine. This means incorporating techniques in your day-to-day to elevate overall mood and health. It can be easy and tempting to fall into comfortable habits like watching TV or being on your phone for hours but ultimately this can feel like junk food for the mind, the gratification wears off quickly and you’re left feeling like you’ve wasted time.

The first self-care hack you can do is incorporate good hygiene and order into your routine. This means living in a clean and organized space. Wake up and get into the habit of making your bed in the morning. This will give you a boost and signal to your mind that it’s time to begin the day.

Drinking water is another easy way to clean your system of toxins and keep you energized throughout the day. Get yourself a water bottle that you like and set yourself daily reminders to fill up. You will see the health benefits on your skin and well-being.

Getty Images/ Moment/ Oscar Wong

Getting regular sleep will do wonders for your mental health. We all know what it’s like to miss vital hours of sleep only to wake up the next day grumpy and not yourself. Getting into a healthy sleep cycle promotes brain health, reduces stress, and improves mood.

Get into the habit of journaling your thoughts and jotting down things to remember. It can feel like our mind is cluttered when we are trying to hold together lots of bits of information. Go easier on yourself by updating your reminders with small things you need to do that may slip your mind. You can also do this to relieve feelings that are holding you down through journaling, getting it out on the paper will most likely prevent you from releasing it on those around you.

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