Self-Provided Closure
October 27, 2019
Ariella Jacobs

Closure is a very desirable thing in the dating scene. Unfourtenetly, it is not something that is always given to us. I, personally, have found myself numerous times left without closure at the end of a failed relationship. So I’ve learned that sometimes you have to create your own closure.

I remember all the feelings that remained with me at the end of all those relationships. I was left feeling hurt, confused, angry, with all the words that had remained unsaid. I felt stuck, not knowing if the chapter is fully closed. I lacked the closure I needed to move on.

So when someone refuses or is unable to give you the closure you so desperately need, you have to give it to yourself. You have to say goodbye, to close the chapter, to leave that someone behind, with no opening for a return. Because if someone refuses to give you that closure, to tell you how they feel, you have to move on. It’s either you’re with me or not. I will leave you behind without a second thought and will give myself the closure I deserve.

When someone hurts us, we want closure. It’s inevitable. We are looking for answers, for reasons. However, in tody’s dating world, we usually don’t get that. We get ghosted or led on. We are left wondering what happened. What is important to remember is that when someone does that to you, it’s about them, not you.

Closure is about moving on. It’s about realizing that you can do better, that you deserve better. So, when you don’t get the closure you need, do more, and create your closure for yourself.

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