Set Yourself Up For Mondays
November 18, 2018
Claire Miles

We often dread Monday mornings. But if we can manage to change our attitudes, and set ourselves up for them, then there is no better feeling than welcoming it with open arms. Don’t let the Monday blues take over you by taking control.

Start off with writing your Monday to-do list.  This does not mean that you should spend your whole weekend thinking about work, the things you need to get done, and the weekend coming to an end. But Sunday night is a great time to take a few minutes and try to plan your week out. It can bring some inner peace knowing what’s ahead of you, and provide you with a sense of control.  You got this girl.

It’s also useful to spend some time on Sunday night to clean out unnecessary things from your bag, and pack it up with the things you will need. Throw out those random bus tickets, receipts, gum, and loose change. Fill your bag up with all the essentials that will give you the sense that you have everything you could possibly need for Monday morning.

Grocery shopping and meal prep are also a great way to delve into the week and feel prepared, or anything that will feed your soul for that matter. Perhaps a good conversation with a close friend, reading a book, going on a walk. Anything that will inspire you, makes for a good start to a new week.

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