Shake It Off
January 3, 2020
Alexandra Wade

As you well know, we kicked off the new year yesterday. I have a tradition in which I do a little self-examination. I look back at all the dreams, hopes, regrets, aspirations, goals, etc., that I set in the passing year, and look at what I had accomplished. That way, I gain a new perspective on what had happened in the last year and a new understanding of what I want from the new one.

What I search for the most in my process, is the mistakes, regrets, and misses. Reflecting on such matters is tricky, as we may look at things from a subjective point of view. We have a hard time admitting our faults and mistakes. However, it is a necessary thing to do to heal and start the new year fresh.

Reliving our darkest moments is very hard, trust me, I know. However, as I had already mentioned, it is a crucial step in reaching a more healthy and complete place. However, I have to make a small regression. As much as I try to make it seem like no big deal, leaving our past behind is a hard thing to do.

But this is just the thing. It is not about leaving the past behind; it is about learning from our mistakes and growing from them. It is about evolution and stepping into the new year a fresh, clean person. Shake off all the things that went wrong in your past, put them aside, and focus on the new year, the new opportunity, in front of you now.

So, as we carry on with this new year, try and dig deep into your self. Check yourself and your past in search of things you can learn and grow from. This way, you’ll step into the new year an evolved and a fresh person; this way, you’ll start the year with a fresh slate.

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