Should You Wish Your Ex A Happy Birthday?
August 24, 2018
Jade Kerr

Facebook seems to know when it someone’s birthday who means something to you (or meant something). They also know to alert you multiple times for the right or wrong person’s birthday. They just know.

So when it’s your ex’s birthday, somehow, the social network has never been so great at reminders. The question is though, should you wish them a happy birthday?

Well, that’s really only something you can decide, and you should ask yourselves some valuable questions before. For starters, why are you doing it? Question your honest motive behind wanting to do it. Are you just trying to be friendly? Or are you subconsciously begging for their attention? Dig deep, and make sure that

you’ve got no hidden agenda before you send that message…

Then ask yourself what your ex really did for your life. Did they enhance your life? Does their memory serve a positive memory? If the relationship ended on a bad note, be mindful of the present and let go of the past.

And if you’ve moved on since the relationship, ask yourself if they have. Be sure that things are balanced on both sides.  If after considering all things you still want to wish them a happy birthday, then go for it. But if you’re left with any doubt, just leave it to their family and friends to send them birthday wishes.

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