Signs That You’re Ready To Quit Your Job
March 5, 2021
Claire Miles

Throughout our lives, we go through various working places. And, in that journey, there are jobs that people leave by themselves. Quitting a job can stem from multiple reasons, some of which will be mentioned here below. Sometimes people get a gut feeling that leads them toward the door long before they consider handing in their resignation. Wonder if you fit that description? Here are some signs that it might be time for you to quit your job:

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The first sign  – feeling undervalued. According to a PayScale survey of over 38,000 respondents, wanting a bigger paycheck is the top reason why people quit their jobs. And while feeling undervalued could stem from feeling not fairly compensated, it could also stem from a general feeling from your colleagues. The danger of staying is that you may start to sell yourself short, too. You may start to view yourself based on how your manager or the company demonstrates their value for you. Another sign is feeling burned-out. When you’re expected to be available 24/7, and there is little tolerance for taking a vacation or sick leave, you’re at a company that wants employees to work until they burn out. Get out while you can. This is also dangerous for the future, as it could leave you with nothing and with low motivation for the next venture. I myself have been a part of a work-place that encourages burn-out and doesn’t care enough for the well-being of its employees.

In fact, many of the signs presented here are ones that I learned while working on that job. So, without further ado, the third sign – escaping reality when not at work. If you have to engage in numbing behaviors to survive the week, you should quit your job. Another sign is crying before going to work. If you cry every day you go to work –  that’s a sign you should pay attention to. The fifth sign is stress. If the thought of your job is tormenting you with sleepless nights, muscle aches, stomach aches, headaches, and other physical symptoms of stress, these are signs that your job is toxic. And last sign – your gut is telling you it’s time to go. Our gut is inherited in us to protect us. Our gut knows what’s best for our mental health and well-being. Our gut is there to protect us, and we should listen to it. These are some of the signs that your work environment is toxic and that you should quit your job. For you, I hope these signs don’t relate to you.

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