Signs They’re About To Ghost You
August 9, 2018
Jade Kerr

Dating in today’s day in age certainty has no shortages of advantages.  We’re now able to filter out potential candidates for partners with the mere swipe of a finger, and communication has been made easier than ever. It sounds really great, right? But what’s the downside? Ghosting.

It’s one of the absolute worst things that anyone can do to you, and it’s become highly common unfortunately.  People no longer value commitments to others as much, and think that they don’t owe you anything.  Of course we can’t expect to end up with every person we meet, but a little respect and consideration for the other person goes a real long way.

Be wary of the warning signs they are sending you, so that you can at least see it coming and not be too shattered and shocked by their disrespectful disappearance.

If they aren’t into texting you about future plans, then something might be off. When you start dating someone new, it’s exciting and you’re supposed to always be excited to see them, otherwise, you might want to question what’s really going on.

If they’re taking their sweet time to respond to your messages, it might also be an issue. We get it, we’re all busy, and of course we can’t expect people to respond within minutes. But sometimes too long of a response time can simply mean they aren’t interested.

Some people just have a short manner, however it’s not too difficult to tell when someone has a lack of interest in their messages, whether it be in their word count, lack of enthusiasm or lack or questions in return.

If they respond to your messages sporadically, such as responding to some questions and not others, pay attention to which of them they are choosing to ignore.  This may also suggest that they may ghost you.

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