Simple Things To Be Grateful For
November 22, 2018
Alexandra Wade

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we reflect on our lives, and say thanks for all the wonderful things we’ve been blessed with. But too often, we overlook the small, simple things, and focus only on the bigger, more superficial and obvious things to be grateful for.

Do we ever stop and think about the mere fact that we’re breathing? Do we ever show our gratitude for our lungs, our heart, and our brain for working and for allowing us to function every day?

And how about the fact that we have the ability to speak to anyone no matter how far away they are from us? What about that Saturday morning feeling, when you wake up, and realize that you can stay in bed as long as your heart desires?

Do you ever say thanks for that feeling when you get a text or a phone call from someone special? Even memes deserve a big thank you, because they bring us so much joy and laughter every day.

What about your morning coffee? Without it, where would you be, really? And how about your favorite foods? Do you ever say thank you for that, and for being able to have it pretty much whenever you want?  What about music? Isn’t it just the absolute best feeling in the world to blast music?

How about your own strength? Have you ever thanked yourself for everything that you’ve overcome?

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