Simple Ways To Feel Less Bloated
October 11, 2021
Laura Lee

It can be very uncomfortable to feel bloated throughout your day. It could make you want to escape out of your torturous tight jeans and slip into loose pajama pants for the rest of the day and forever. We have some tips to help you alleviate that unnecessary inflammation and get you feeling more energized for the day.

This may sound counter-intuitive but the first thing that you can do is drink plenty of water, this will help rinse the toxins out of your body and relax the intestines. If you’re over water and just can’t keep up with the daily amount, there’s an option to switch to green herbal teas or incorporate lemon, cucumber, and mint into your water.

Getty Images/Royalty-free/ Stefania Pelfini

Try to cut down on starchy carbs that will leave you feeling sticky inside as well as foods that are high in sodium. Sodium in salt can cause the body to retain more liquid which means more bloat. Investing in a cleaner diet that makes you feel generally healthier and lighter will boost your mood and elevate your energy levels.

Make sure to add a daily dose of exercise into your routine, this could be literally anything you love to do from yoga to gymnastics to weightlifting or even just taking yourself out for a walk. This will get the blood pumping through your body and especially if you have a desk job it will feel good to move your muscles. Exercise does wonders for not only our physical overall health but also for our mental health and mood. It may be hard at first to get into the swing of it however, consistency is key and once your body gets used to those feel-good sensations, it will be asking for it on its own.

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