Single On Christmas
December 27, 2018
Ariella Jacobs

So Christmas is over, and yet another year, you were single throughout the celebrations. Here’s exactly what you learnt from it.

For one, despite being single for a seriously long time, your family still has not gotten the memo, that no, you have not yet found your special someone.  Your cousins and siblings who do bring someone home however are pretty much seen as Hollywood stars.

You also learn over Christmas while being single that eggnog goes great with rum. And that Netflix and Christmas leftovers should basically be the new Netflix and chill.  You also learn over Christmas, that despite seeing all your friends engaged on Facebook, seeing it in real life in your hometown is so much more weird and surprising.

Christmas, while single, also shows us that despite all of our career success, nothing will ever match up someone else who just got engaged.  But then again, you will also learn over Christmas who your true drinking buddies are (your still single friends).

And then, once you make it a few more days to New Years, then at least you know you have a month to relax until Valentine’s Day comes creeping up behind you.

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