Sitting All Day Is Hurting You
October 25, 2018
Laura Lee

You’ve probably read all kinds of articles online about the dangers of sitting all day, and the effects it can have on your body, with some even claiming that it’s a bad as smoking.

It can be scary to think about, but these articles do have a point. Being active is crucial for your long-term health, and it’s up to you, and only you to do something about it.

A lifestyle that does not include very much movement is linked to many, many health problems, and unfortunately, the harsh truth is that many of these problems are linked to sitting around all day.

Not only does sitting all day double your chances of developing cardiovascular disease, but it also increases your blood pressure, and changes of developing high cholesterol, as well as dangerously high blood-sugar levels.

Sitting all day can also put also be tough on your posture, especially since many of us lean forward, slouch, and put a lot of strain on our necks and lower back. This can leave us sore, and with difficult headaches.  It can also weaken our muscles and decrease our calorie burning rate.

These problems don’t only effect those that sit at a desk all day, but watching TV for several hours a day can also be dangerous. We all sit a whole lot more than we even realize.

So what can you do about this?

Start by trying to get into the habit of standing up regularly, going for a walk even just for a minutes in between tasks at work, set a reminder on your phone to get up, and take the stairs wherever you can.  Even go to the bathroom at work a few flights up to get that time in.

If you’re not into intense workouts, yoga is a more calm way to improve your spine and your posture. Both stretching and moving in any form is vital for everyone, and can seriously reduce health issues that are related to sitting down for extended periods of time.  Anything helps.

The more you move, the better.

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