Slower Mornings For Sweeter Days
November 8, 2019
Laura Lee

Start your days slow. Allow yourself to wake up from the beautiful morning sunshine. Allow your sparkling eyes to open to the light coming in through the window that symbolizes a new start, a new journey, a new exciting day. 

Allow your body to wake up slowly and gradually, take those deep, calm breathes with your eyes still closed. Feel your lungs moving. Take a long pause and enjoy the soft, sweet feeling of your head on the pillow. Feel your body sinking deeply into your mattress, and feel your skin against the sheets. 

Wake up with no expectations, asking yourself what you what you need exactly today? What do you feel like? Give yourself that time to figure it out without jumping out of bed and stressing right away.  Listen to your soul before anyone else. 

Sip slowly on a nice cup of sweet creamy coffee, and really connect with yourself.  Start your day right, with proper intention. Start the day with a clean slate and with the right balance and mindset. 

Remember what your true purpose is, and that you have incredible things ahead of you. That doesn’t mean you need to rush though. Remember what it means to truly be alive and be in the moment. Everything will come in its time. You will accomplish it all, slowly but surely. 

Start your mornings slowly, for a sweet day ahead of you. 

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