Social Well-Being
May 6, 2023
Laura Lee

Humans are interdependent creatures who need good social relationships to gain emotional stability and a sense of belonging. For their overall well-being, it is essential for them to love others and to be loved as well. There is a reason that criminals get solitary confinement as punishment. Humans need communities to thrive well in their lives.

It has been statistically proven that socially connected people live healthier and longer lives than those who are not. Social health derives from regular and positive social contact with family, friends, neighbors, work, and school. Affiliations and social connections can also come from sports clubs, community groups, volunteer organizations, churches, political parties, interest and hobby groups, and so on. Schools, gymnasiums, swimming pools, libraries, and community events (such as fairs and markets) provide social opportunities. Local restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, and clubs are also recommended places to meet other people.

Much research on social capital in recent years suggests that social ties not only affect our health but it also affects our society. With increasing social inequality, social solidarity is declining. Not only are happiness levels declining, but people are distrusting each other and the political systems. If we want thriving communities, we need to change our prioritiesSocial contact and friendship levels must be increased, even at the risk of reduced income.

One can set simple social welfare goals for their well-being. For example, a pledge to keep regular contact with friends is also a goal. Joining social groups based on your favorite interests or volunteering in a community organization are also good ways to improve your social well-being. You can also change your daily routine to support your new goal regularly. In today’s world, clearing up your calendar for your social well-being is as important for you as other responsibilities. This commitment will pay you off in the long term, in the currency of improved social bonds and good mental health.

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