Someone Who Can Get Better
March 9, 2021
Claire Miles

As you probably know from reading this and other columns on this site, the other writers and I love to hand advice on various subjects. Another thing you might also know is that I started working at a new job in September of last year. It was a long and difficult process, filled with many hardships. As a result, I was going through a rough time. As humans, we go through a life filled with ups and downs, and these times are a part of it. But, as with other things in life, we are tested by the way we handle these rough patches. Unfourtenetly, looking at it now and even back then, I didn’t feel I handled it very well.

See, as a person that is constantly advising people to be a better version of themselves, to gain confidence, to take advantage of any given day, but I couldn’t do any more of the opposite. I let my harsh days bring me down, let it affect the way I saw myself and the world. I woke up every day in a lousy mood. As you’d probably expect, that didn’t make my days, and my willpower and strength were at an all-time low. I didn’t have energy, and because I was so beaten and burnt-out, my days definitely mirrored that. I was tired and performed poorly, which resulted in a loss of confidence.

As my difficult time at my workplace continued, I resented a lot of my time spent there. As I mentioned, I performed poorly, so I lost the confidence I had in myself and my skill, one that took me a long time to build. After a while in which it became my new reality – I finally understood that something had to change. How could I set an example if I let a rough patch in life drag me down to the mud? How could I advise others if I myself can’t follow it myself? You, the people that follow me and follow my advice, deserve someone who is working to get better, who is fighting to get better, who can live by her advice, even when things get hard. So, that is what I did. I started listening to my own advice. I started my mornings with a better, more positive attitude. I started repairing my confidence and self-belief, and I am definitely on the right track.

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