Sometimes, You’re Best Off Alone
February 24, 2019
Alexandra Wade

Society has us all convinced that the only way we can truly be happy is if we have a romantic partner, and it’s so easy to get caught in this lie.  Everyone, however, has their own journey to love and happiness.

The woman that are always going from relationship to relationship are simply setting themselves up for a never ending roller coaster. The woman with patterns of always chasing men just to have their needs met are perhaps better off trying to doing some self-discovery on their own, completely uninterrupted.

We could all use some completely uninterrupted time. We could all use some time to be alone, to enter a relationship with ourselves, rather than with someone who at the end of the day only leaves us feeling even more lonely. Let go of the person you are always trying to be in your relationships, and allow yourself to become who you really are.

Being alone can be a true luxury, to be completely dependent only on yourself, and to know that you can take care of yourself and be happy with or without a partner. Embrace the incredible beauty of being alone, and embrace the fact that you can always save yourself.

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