Speak Your Mind
November 13, 2020
Ariella Jacobs

I sometimes assume people know exactly what I want. If one of my family members or friends asked me something, I thought that they would know what I want. What I wanted for my birthday, or where I wanted to go, are some examples of what I thought would be clear to the people around me. To me, back then, it made complete sense. However, as time went by and I grew up, I understood that this expectation is irrational and unrealistic. There is simply no way someone could tell what I want or what I think, no matter how well they know me. And, not only did the things that I wanted didn’t end up happening, but I also set the people around me to fail and myself to be disappointed by them. By holding back and not speaking my mind, I was disappointed with the people closest to me – for no good reason.

via Pexels

See, I was the kind of person that answered “I don’t mind,” when asked for my preference and wishes, even though I knew very well what I wanted. But, as I said, I said that I didn’t mind and expected the other side to know what it is that I wanted. And, as I also mentioned above, that was an unfair and unrealistic request. For a relationship to work, a relationship of any kind, both sides must communicate and be upfront with one another. I had a romantic relationship in the past that crumbled down because we didn’t communicate well with each other; because I kept to myself things that I should have said out loud. Having experienced that, I made sure that I would never happen again in any of my other relationships, ever. So, speak up and don’t hold back on your feelings and wishes, and, as Madonna said: “Express yourself.”

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