Stages After A Breakup
January 26, 2023
Claire Miles

No matter if you are the one who ends the relationship or not, you can never truly be prepared for a breakup. Breakups are probably one of the worst things you can go through. Especially when you saw yourself spending the rest of your life with your partner. We have all watched movies where people break up and things aren’t pretty. Now there are some breakups that are easier than others. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have some help. There are in fact, five stages after a breakup. So take a look at what you can expect to go through after your break up.

The first stage after a breakup is denial. Now you may be wondering how is this possible. To put it simply, you may not have wanted the breakup. This means that once it happens you may feel as though you are in a dream-like state and need to wake up. You should know that firstly, it is not a dream, and secondly, it is really happening. Once you have come to turns that you have been broken up with or that you just ended your relationship, you are most likely to feel angry. Anger is the second stage after a breakup.

Just because you feel angry, it doesn’t mean that something bad had to happen to cause the breakup. You could simply be angry because the breakup had to happen in general. Next comes bargaining. This stage is likely to strip you from your ego. You are also more likely to go through this stage of a breakup if you are the one being broken up with. Bargaining simply means that you will ask your partner to reconsider and take you back. Next, we have depression and acceptance. Depression can simply mean that you feel heavy sadness for a while but once that is over, you will realize that you have accepted the breakup.

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