Stop Commenting on My Food
February 22, 2020
Laura Lee

Over the years, on more than one occasion, people around me have commented on what I ate and how much I ate. As I shared with you in the past, I battled, and still do battle, an eating disorder. These comments made my way to recovery a lot harder and deeply hurt and scared me. This habit seriously needs to stop.

I remember the first time it happened. I was about nine years old and went to eat lunch at my best friend’s house. Her mom made us┬áschnitzel, which might have been the best one I ever had at that point (sorry mom!.) It was so good that when her mother asked if I want a second portion, I immediately accepted. As she heaped it on my plate, she called me “a baby bear,” and the whole table laughed.

From that moment on, I barely touched any food at their house because I was so embarrassed.

Making such a seemingly innocent comment can cause a lot of harm. Look at what happened to as an example. It led me to unhealthy behavior – restricted eating. Food is such an important part of our lives, yet a lot of us associate it with shame and guilt. And more often than not, it’s other people who cause this guilt.

There was this other time in which I was introduced to a guy at a friend’s party. He seemed genuinely interested in me, and I was interested in him. However, when the hamburger I ordered had arrived, things changed. I remember the look on his face. He looked at the burger, and then at me, in great confusion. Then, he said: “You aren’t going to eat all of that, are you?”

It is interactions like this that make me feel embarrassed to eat in front of other people. I now think that no matter what I’ll eat, they will find how to criticize it. These comments are so triggering and scaring – it must come to an end. Stop commenting on what and much others are eating. Worry about your own plate and food.

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