Stop Telling Me How To Do My Job
February 7, 2020
Claire Miles

As I shared with you recently, I started working at a new job not too long ago. A fresh start at anything is a sure recipe for insecurities and self-criticism. Often at my new job, I find myself criticized by my co-workers for my work. Even though they are trying to be helpful (at least that’s what I want to believe,) their criticism doesn’t benefit me or my job whatsoever.

My boss, on the other hand, has given my work nothing but praises. I know that she appreciates what I bring to the table, and she often tells me that I was exactly what she was looking for. As much as I am thankful and happy for that, I can’t help but be affected and feel pushed back by my colleagues’ criticism.

I know that all they want is for me to improve and do my job on the best side possible. However, what they don’t necessarily understand is that their criticism, at times, paralyzes me and makes me even more nervous. And I guess this is what I want to talk with you about. Criticism is often inevitable, so it is important to make sure you are taking it the right way.

There are two options. The first, to be affected by the criticism and let it slow you down. And the second, let it motivate you to do better. Thankfully, lately, I have been aiming for the latter. Of course, it doesn’t always work. I won’t pretend the criticism doesn’t hurt and slides right through me. Not at all. However, I am trying to embrace the mindset in which I thrive from the criticism, in which it motivates me and helps me do better.

Again, I am not pretending this is easy; I know from first hand it isn’t. However, it is important to put in this inner work into maintaining this mindset. Don’t let the criticism – don’t let their words – break you. Instead, show them how you grow from it; evolve from it; become better from it.

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