Stop Thinking Life Is Terrible
January 4, 2019
Laura Lee

We wake up every morning and feel as though no matter what they are new challenges to face. Just when we feel like we’re getting the hang of things, we feel like we’re about to fall again, and lose our grip.

Through all of the effort that we put into trying to as they say ”keeping it together” we’re actually making things a whole lot harder, and in fact, that’s exactly what is tearing us apart.  The more we invest in trying to catch up, it seems as though we really only end up falling behind.

The farther we fall, the harder it becomes to see the light to get out, but we need to trust that there is always a way out.  We invest so much of our precious time trying to craft the perfect life for ourselves on paper.  But sometimes, we don’t even know what’s best for us, maybe we aren’t in fact the person that everyone else thinks that we should be.

It’s so easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing, and everywhere we look, we find someone who is living the life we think we should be. So what about changing around these thoughts? If we actually took the time to see and appreciate ourselves for what and who we are, maybe, we could be happy once and for all.

Life has it’s ups, and it surely has it’s downs. There are going to be things that happen to us with no explanation. But we can’t let these things take over us, because it’s never the end.  Trust that the world has a plan for us, and that everything happens for a reason.  Some days might be so tempting to give up on everything, but never forget the beautiful days,and for those moments – it’s so worth it.

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