Stuck In My Mind
May 29, 2020
Jade Kerr

You were like a catchy song; Stuck in my mind, and I couldn’t get rid of you. Everywhere I went, whatever I did, you were there. Your cover, your outside, your beat, and rhythm seemed innocent, meaningful, and true. However, as I got to know you better, interpret and decode you, I saw that it was all a shell. On a closer look, I noticed that your inside, your words, were shallow and dishonest. Thankfully, eventually, I was able to get over my addiction to you. But it wasn’t easy.

As I said, at first, everything about you seemed to be perfect. You radiated confidence, calmness, security, besides the fact that you were stunning. I was sure it was all real and genuine; I fell for your charms. You have become so addictive so quickly. Everything happened so fast. Before I knew it, we said “I love yous,” and then moved in together, and even talked about starting a family. It all happened before we even celebrated three months of dating. It was so easy to get lost in your beat and melody, and just forget and ignore all the warning signs that were clearly there.

It took a long time before I came back to my senses. I still remember that moment to this day. I woke up one day and realized that I don’t really know the person lying next to me. The song that you were, that I was so addicted to just a moment ago, has been overplayed in my head. I couldn’t listen to you saying the same words over and over again, and over time, they lost all meaning. I outgrew them, and they didn’t seem genuine anymore. You were like this catchy song that got stuck in my mind. I listen to you in endless loops over and over again, until I couldn’t anymore. Sometimes, when I’m feeling nostalgic, your melody comes back to my mind, but I quickly forget it.

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