Summer Solo Activities
June 14, 2022
Laura Lee

Summer is here, and you’re surely starting to plan how you’d like to spend it. Making plans with family and friends, organizing vacations and backyard barbecues. Well, summer is also the perfect time to do you. Take yourself out. Even if you’re in a relationship, it’s important to set aside some quality time for yourself. There’s truly nothing better than dating yourself.

Spending some alone time is a great way to clear your mind, feed your body and soul and get more in touch with your creativity. It’s just as important as it is to make time for your family and friends. Seriously. Here are some of the best places to take yourself on a date.
For one, hikes are pretty much unbeatable. Hiking alone is healthy, both mentally and physically, and is the perfect time for some deep reflection. Naturing is much more nourishing for the soul when enjoyed alone. It allows you to really take in and notice all the small details, the trees, the sounds, the smells. Another wonderful place to take yourself is a farmer’s market. They are the ideal place to spend the weekend, as not only can you taste all kinds of delicious samples and treat yourself to a gourmet brunch, but you can always get your weekly food shopping in.

Getty Images/Moment/Dalibor Despotovic

And with warmer weather, why not take yourself on a picnic? Organize a basket with all of your favorite goodies and find a peaceful spot to lay out. If you’re looking to up your skills in the kitchen and challenge yourself, why not try a cooking class. Take yourself on a date that will feed you too. A bike ride is also a wonderful solo summer activity. You can go at your pace, stop as you please, go wherever you please and there are bikes for rent literally everywhere. How about taking yourself to an outdoor movie? They are much cheaper than concerts and in many cases, they play classic movies that will steal your heart and make you feel incredibly nostalgic. You’ll also be in nature at the same time. Win-win.

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