Surviving the Holidays
December 17, 2019
Laura Lee

While the holidays are all about relaxing and spending time with our loved ones, they can also be extremely stressful at times. Between parties, work, looking for the perfect presents, and dealing with family pressure, the “most wonderful time of the year,” can be nerve-wracking and exhausting. So, what can you do to enjoy this time more?

First, get your priorities straight. By reviewing everything you have planned, you can separate between the things you want to do versus the things you believe you should or have to do. For some, including myself, the holidays are about spending time with your family. So, a night in with my family would get prioritized over an office party or a gathering with some friends.

Try some exercises. Breathing, for example, is an excellent way to regroup and reorganize your thoughts and emotions. Another possibility is grounding exercises. Breathe deeply, savor the smell outside, try and see if you remember the recipe of your favorite gingerbread cookies.

Another option is asking for help. If you see that you can’t keep up with your tasks due to your stress, you can always ask for help. There is no shame in it. There is no reason you need to do everything when others can help too. There is no shame in it. There is no reason all the work has to fall on your shoulder.

My final option will be taking some time for yourself. I know that I have mentioned that the holiday season is all about spending time with your loved ones. However, you have to take care of yourself too. Give yourself some me time to calm your nerves and recharge your battery.

I wish you a stress-free holiday, and I hope you wish the same on me as well.

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