Swim Skirts: This Summer’s Retro Trend
August 11, 2019
Penelope Trent

Thankfully, 2019 brought with it an important change in the swimsuits field. Up until now, less fabric was considered sexier, while covered up ones were reserved for moms. Well, that all ends now! It’s 2019, and our society has changed, we are no longer chained to that old rule book.

Getty Images/ Mondadori Portfolio/ Mondadori Portfolio

The gorgeous Grace Kelly, former Princess of Monaco, wearing the swim skirt.

In the swimsuit area, high-rise bikinis and maillots have taken over in recent years and are now considered chic and sophisticated. V-cut ‘80s bottoms have also become a favorite for women of every shape and size.

According to Vogue, this summer brought a new chic contender to the scene – the swim skirt, and I couldn’t agree more. In short, this means a tiny miniskirt instead of a bikini bottom. This trend is part of the current wave of retro trends. It feels ‘50s-ish, and is truly practical by coming with its own cover-up. There are also one-pieces with skirts too. Past legends such as Leslie Brooks and Grace Kelly have been photographed wearing this up-and-comer, and if that’s not a good enough reason to see this trend as a must-try this summer, what is?

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